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Wahleach Water Use Planning

What's New

On April 25, 2022, we hosted a public information session to share the latest updates on the Wahleach Water Use Plan Order Review, including the preliminary priority issues list. These are the anticipated focus areas for the review. You can view the presentation here [PDF, 1.4 MB].


Wahleach Water Use Plan

Provincial and Program Information

  • Water Use Plan Order Reviews information sheet 
  • B.C.'s vision for sustainable water stewardship
  • B.C.'s Water Sustainability Act
  • B.C.'s Water Use Plan Guidelines 

Annual Reports

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
WAHMON-1 Lower Jones Creek Fish Productivity Index
WAHMON-2 Channel Stability Assessment
WAHMON-3 Herrling Island Sidechannel Chum Spawning Success Monitoring
WAHWORKS-1 Boulder Creek Flow Bypass Facility Rehabilitation
WAHWORKS-2 Wahleach Reservoir Fertilization Program
WAHWORKS-3 Lower Wahleach Creek Channel Enhancement Project