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Electric fleets

double charging stations in a parking lot

Thinking about electrifying your fleet? Now‘s a great time for organizations to develop their fleet electrification strategies. Electric options are readily available for many vehicle classes, with production of other classes not far off, and charging equipment suppliers offer a vast range of reliable and cost-effective solutions for fleets.

With significant fuel savings and less maintenance costs, there’s a strong business case for transitioning to electric fleets. Plus, B.C.’s an advantageous environment for going electric, with reliable, clean, affordable electricity, and a relatively moderate climate that’s ideal for EV performance.

If you’re ready to get started with your fleet electrification plan – from estimating your return on investment to mapping out your charging infrastructure – we have resources to support you.

Follow our fleet electrification guide

Fleet electrification requires careful planning to realize the benefits of EVs while maintaining the efficiency of your fleet.

We developed a guide to help organizations understand their EV options and develop a charging plan that meets their needs. It’s intended for fleet managers, energy managers, sustainability leaders, or anyone else involved in your fleet planning.

BC Hydro’s fleet electrification guide [PDF, 1.1 MB]
Last updated September 2020

What’s in the guide?

The fleet electrification guide linked above contains helpful information including:

  • Overview of B.C.’s electricity generation and EV fast charging network
  • Benefits of electrifying your fleet
  • How to develop a fleet electrification plan
  • How to develop a charging plan
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Fleet electrification rates
  • Charging options

Share your feedback on the guide

We’d like to know what you think of the fleet electrification guide. Is it helpful for you? What information is it missing? What do you think of the format?

We welcome your feedback to help us improve the guide. Please send your feedback to

We're here to help

Electricity as a fuel requires careful planning on where and when to charge the EVs in your fleet. Our Key Account Managers and our EV Fleet Team can assist you with planning, site assessments, resources and tools, and electricity billing options.

Reach out early and often

If you have a Key Account Manager, you can reach out to them directly. Or you can contact our EV Fleet Team at

Request a facility pre-assessment

We can help you assess your electrical infrastructure needs and make recommendations on how best to connect to our grid.

Submit a request form and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss your facility’s unique needs.

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