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The benefits of an electric home

Electrification opportunities at home

Electrification – a form of fuel switching – is the process of replacing technologies that use fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas) with technologies that use electricity.

There are a number of electrification opportunities you can take advantage of at home in B.C., such as:

  • An electric heat pump: replaces a natural gas, oil or propane heating system
  • An electric heat pump water heater: replaces a natural gas hot water heating system
  • An electric stove: replaces a natural gas range
  • An electric vehicle (EV): replaces a gasoline-powered vehicle

Reasons to make the switch

Switching to BC Hydro’s clean electricity from fossil fuel-based energy sources like gasoline or natural gas will help you reduce your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and your environmental footprint. Plus, electric technologies come with other benefits too, like the increased efficiency and home comfort that come with a heat pump, or the cost savings on fuel when switching to an EV.

Learn more about your energy mix.

Why does electrification matter?

Here in B.C., we’re fortunate to have access to the cleanest electricity generation in western North America. However, electricity use still only represents less than 20% of B.C.’s total energy demand, while nearly 70% of the B.C. economy is powered by fossil fuels and the remaining demand is supplied by biofuels

Helping our customers make the switch to clean hydroelectricity will be key in reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and cutting the province’s GHG emissions – essential to fighting climate change.

BC Hydro’s Electrification Plan supports the Government of B.C.’s objectives to achieve an economy-wide shift in how life in B.C. is fuelled. And the choices you make in your own home can help us get there.

Rebates for switching to electricity

To encourage electrification in B.C., we offer and/or administer rebates for fuel switching to electricity.