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Bioenergy Phase I Call RFP

BC Hydro posted the following:

August 5, 2009

February 26, 2009

  • Regulatory review process
    On February 18, 2009, BC Hydro filed a report on the Bioenergy Call Phase I RFP with the British ColuMBia Utilities Commission (BCUC) regarding the four Electricity Purchase Agreements (EPAs) that were awarded under the RFP process. The filed report [PDF, 6.7 MB] is available for review on the BCUC website.

BC Hydro issued the Phase I RFP on February 6, 2008.

The web content is intended for the Proponents registered to participate in the Phase I RFP. BC Hydro will update these pages on an ongoing basis. It is the sole responsibility of each Proponent to review the pages on a regular basis and to identify new postings, including Addenda and revised versions of Phase I RFP documents. BC Hydro assumes no liability or obligation to proponents who are unaware for any reason of the web content.

Proponents participating in the Phase I RFP need to familiarize themselves with relevant documents and other pertinent information.

Event/Activity Timeline
Issue of EPA Term Sheet February 29, 2008
Proponents Submit Application to BC Hydro (for Distribution System-connected Projects) for a Preliminary Interconnection Study (section 12). February 29, 2008
Registration March 7, 2008
Submission of Customer GBL data March 7, 2008
Proponents Submit Application to BCTC (for Transmission System-connected Projects) for a Feasibility Interconnection Study (section 12) March 7, 2008
Proponent Information Session March 26, 2008
Filing of Preliminary Interconnection Study agreements with BC Hydro for Distribution System-connected Projects (4:00 p.m. PPT) March 31, 2008
Filing of Feasibility Interconnection Study agreements with BCTC for Transmission System-connected Projects (4:00 p.m. PPT) April 7, 2008
Notice to Customers of GBL May 2, 2008
Issue of Specimen EPA May 7, 2008
Proposal submission (4:00 p.m. PPT) June 10, 2008
Release of Feasibility Interconnection Study or Preliminary Interconnection Study, as applicable June 20, 2008
Proponents notified of short list (optional) June 27, 2008 to July 15, 2008
Negotiation, Final Evaluation and EPA signing Phase** July 2, 2008 to October 15, 2008***


RFP schedule*

*Schedule reproduced from section 7 of the Bioenergy Call RFP. Certain capitalized words and phrases used in this schedule are set out in Appendix 1of the Bioenergy Call RFP. Please refer to these definitions for clarity.
**EPA awards will be subject to Section 71 approval by the British ColuMBia Utilities Commission.
***The Negotiation, Final Evaluation and EPA signing Phase under the Phase I call process will not be completed by October 15, 2008, as originally scheduled. The expiry of the 210 day window applicable to BCTC’s CEAP process is not expected to impede potential projects. If necessary, Proponents will be informed of steps associated with their interconnection applications that are necessary to address such expiry.