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Energy efficiency benchmarking

Benchmarking is a no-cost way to compare your building's electricity use data with that of similar buildings in Canada. This can help identify opportunities to improve your facility's energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Eligible commercial customers can sign-up to have their facility's electricity use data benchmarked using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® Web Services. This allows you to have your usage data automatically uploaded each month.

Benefits to you

Energy-efficiency benchmarking can help you:

Using ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® to benchmark your facility

Portfolio Manager is ENERGY STAR®'s measurement, tracking and benchmarking tool that allows you to:

  • Track and assess the energy usage of your building.
  • Generate weather-normalized electricity use intensity and greenhouse gas emissions metrics.
  • Generate custom reports that allow you to see trends over time and compare to similar buildings.
  • Eligible building types can get an ENERGY STAR performance score.

Get started with BC Hydro Web Services for Portfolio Manager

To get started, follow the steps below:

  1. Set-up an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account.
  2. Enter your property and meter information.
  3. Connect with BC Hydro Web Services via Portfolio Manager, select properties and meters for data exchange and enter validation details (account number, billing date and bill amount).

Your electricity use data will be available in Portfolio Manager within 24 hours after your account connect is complete. We'll also upload up to three years of your past electricity use data and will automatically update it each month.

Learn more about exchanging data with Portfolio Manager and how your data is kept secure.

Benchmarking for Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs)

Benchmarking for buildings with at least 10 residential units is now available. Customers should follow instructions outlined in the Quick Start Guide for MURBs [PDF, 70 KB] — starting with completing the Request form [PDF, 417 KB] and Authorization form [PDF, 420 KB].

Training and support

If you have questions about your facility's electricity usage, contact your Key Account Manager or the Business Help Desk at 1 866 522 4713.

If you're having technical issues with BC Hydro Web Services for Portfolio Manager, email