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Peace Region

DC14-007-facilities-coastalWhere: on the Peace River in northeastern B.C., west of Hudson's Hope

  • 2 hydroelectric facilities, completed in 1968 and 1980.

Total capacity: About 3,424 MW, 29 per cent of BC Hydro's total capacity.

Total power generated: The combined power from the Peace region facilities averages about 17,500 GWh/year (38 per cent of BC Hydro's total 46,000 GWh).

The Peace region is home to BC Hydro's largest hydroelectric facility, which supplies a huge amount of power to all of British Columbia. Located on the Peace River in northeastern B.C., they play an important role in the hydroelectric system.

BC Hydro's total generating capacity

BC Hydro's total generating capacity is based on the nameplate capacity of each facility.

These numbers are updated annually. Percentages are based on BC Hydro's total generating capacity of 12,048.9 MW which includes hydroelectric, thermal and diesel generating stations owned by BC Hydro.