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Vancouver Island

DC14-007-facilities-coastal Where: Vancouver Island, off the south coast


  • 4 hydroelectric systems, with 6 generating stations, built between 1911 and 1971.

Total capacity: About 471 megawatts (MW), about 4 per cent of BC Hydro's total capacity.

Total power generated: The Vancouver Island region generates an average of about 1,900 gigawatt-hours (GWh) a year, about 4 per cent of BC Hydro's total 46,000 GWh.

Vancouver Island is one of the most populated areas of the province, and along with the Lower Mainland, is home to the greatest electricity demand. Six facilities on the Island provide power, supported by transmission infrastructure and additional facilities on the mainland.

BC Hydro's total generating capacity

BC Hydro's total generating capacity is based on the nameplate capacity of each facility.

These numbers are updated annually. Percentages are based on BC Hydro's total generating capacity of 12,048.9 MW which includes hydroelectric, thermal and diesel generating stations owned by BC Hydro.