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Trees and plants near power lines

Pruning near power lines

Maintaining trees around power lines

We rely on our system of power lines to carry the electricity produced at our generating stations to homes and businesses across B.C. It’s important to manage trees and plants around these lines for the safety and reliability of our electrical system.

Trees and plants on your property

As a property owner, you’re responsible for keeping the service wires on your property clear of vegetation. Branches rubbing on our service wires wear through the weather coating and may cause home electrical appliance damage.

How we manage trees near our system

More than half of all outages in B.C. are caused by trees. We work throughout the year to identify and remove trees when they become hazardous.

Staying safe around overhead lines

It's important to remember that you need to stay at least three metres (10 feet) away from power lines, along with any branches you might be trimming, the tools you're using, and your ladder.