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Transmission line relocation requests

Cropped version of original Know your powerlines infographic, for use on the Transmission relocation requests page.

We evaluate requests around poles, guy wires, anchors, and undergrounding

Land developers, property owners, cities, municipalities and First Nations communities can seek to move or alter BC Hydro transmission infrastructure. Here’s an overview of what’s involved and how to initiate a request online.

A transmission line relocation could include:

  • Moving or modifying a transmission pole
  • Moving guy wires or anchors
  • Undergrounding a section of an overhead circuit.

Three common situations that lead to transmission relocation requests are:

  • New construction near our transmission infrastructure
  • A planned road that crosses our transmission right-of-way
  • Excavation work that impacts BC Hydro transmission equipment.

Start your relocation request by filling out our online form

First complete our Compatible Use Application Form. All requests made through this web form are evaluated by a team that will determine the nature of the equipment and work with you to find the best and most cost-effective solution for your request.

If our evaluation determines the pole or other equipment is distribution voltage (less than 35 kV), you'll need to work with a specialized distribution design team on the request. You can make a request to move distribution poles and other distribution equipment using our Compatible Use Application Form.

Sometimes the equipment may not be owned by BC Hydro at all. Also keep in mind that actual transmission line relocations, while not impossible, are usually a last resort. If a transmission line relocation is the best solution for your request, we’ll work with you to complete your request.

Relocation costs are paid by the customer

As the customer, you'll need to pay for the entire cost of your transmission line relocation. Each relocation is different, and an initial high-level cost estimate will be provided based upon the forecast scope of work.

If you decide to go ahead with the request, we'll ask you to pre-pay, based upon the estimate. We'll then invoice you on actual costs once the project is complete. You could get a refund if the actual cost is less than the estimate, or you could be billed the difference if the project ends up costing more.

Typical requests take at least three months, but some take much longer

Moving BC Hydro transmission infrastructure is complex. Any relocation request requires input from many BC Hydro stakeholders including, but not limited to members of our engineering, property, legal, community relations, safety and Indigenous Relations groups.

A relatively straightforward transmission relocation will take a minimum of three months. A complex relocation will take longer – sometimes years – depending on the scope of your request. We’ll work with you to make sure you have a realistic expectation of how long your relocation may take.