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Benefits of Alliance of Energy Professionals membership

Electrical engineers working at Electrical Distribution Control Room.

From networking events to training and referrals, we support our members with opportunities for growth. Discover how you can propel your business forward, while helping your customers build more energy efficient homes and workplaces.

Help customers get incentives

Many of our energy conservation and energy management programs have built-in financial incentives. This support is designed to reduce the costs associated with energy studies, project implementation, and continuously optimizing energy use for your customers.

As an Alliance member, you can help your clients access the programs they qualify for and receive incentives.

Get business referrals

Our business and residential customers ask us to refer them to Alliance members who can help them make energy efficient upgrades, and access our energy management programs.

Factors we consider when matching Alliance members with customer requests:

  • Technical capabilities and project scope.
  • Demonstrated experience with our incentive programs, conservation/energy management programs.
  • Qualified experience in the business sector or in the technology or processes of the particular end-use.
  • Geographical region.

Training and networking opportunities

We facilitate industry training programs to increase the number of trained professionals delivering quality energy management services. We have a vested interest in the overall quality of work, professionalism, and skills that relate to the installation of energy-efficient equipment or materials.

Opportunities include:

  • In-person and online learning opportunities to stay updated on our programs and industry developments.
  • Access to an online learning portal that offers the flexibility to learn at your own convenience. This includes detailed training content, new member orientation training, and tips for successfully working with our programs.
  • Partnership with training providers to offer members access to supported programs and courses.
  • Joining the Alliance is a great way to build your network and connect with other industry professionals who are interested in advancing energy management initiatives in B.C.

Program and industry updates

The Alliance supports our members in providing first-rate service to their customers by keeping them informed on the latest industry regulations and technical requirements.

As a member, you'll receive Alliance News, a quarterly email newsletter so you can stay in the know. It includes:

  • BC Hydro program updates, including changes to processes, incentives, and technologies.
  • New customer programs or pilots.
  • Training and educational opportunities.
  • Updates on municipal, provincial or federal codes, standards, and regulations.

Financial and marketing support

As an Alliance member you have access to a number of resources to help promote your services including:

  • Financial support for advertising activities.
  • Vendor financing to support customer project execution.
  • Exclusive trade letters and logo usage.
  • The opportunity to have your energy management projects featured in our news stories, published online and circulated in our newsletter.

How to apply

Interested in joining the Alliance for Energy Professionals? See our membership information or apply now.