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Team Power Smart members across the province show their favourite ways to save energy at home, and Dave explains the perks of being a member.

Get access to smart energy tips, fun and rewards

More than 250,000 B.C. households are making smart energy choices and saving money as part of Team Power Smart, and you can too.

Team members get access to exclusive offers and monthly contests to win prizes. You'll also receive a monthly newsletter with helpful tips, advice and success stories from other team members to keep you motivated.

Team members can earn $50 for saving energy

As a Team Power Smart member, you can take a Reduction Challenge to earn a $50 reward as a bill credit if you reduce your electricity use by 10%.

How the Reduction Challenge works:

  1. Join Team Power Smart by logging in to your online account. It's free and easy to join.
  2. Start a Reduction Challenge and commit to reducing your household electricity use by 10% over the next year.
  3. After 365 days, if you're successful in meeting your goal, you'll earn a $50 reward as credit on your BC Hydro bill.

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Maintenance Challenge

After you successfully complete a Reduction Challenge, you can keep earning rewards in one of two ways:

  • Start a Maintenance Challenge, where you can earn a $25 reward as a bill credit if you maintain your reduced electricity usage for the next 12 months, or
  • Start another Reduction Challenge.

Already on the team? Activate your challenge now

Simply log in and hit Start the Challenge to unlock your path to earning $50. You've got this!

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