Strategic energy management: Commercial

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Become a leader in energy efficiency

We partner with B.C.'s largest commercial, government and institutional customers to provide a wide range of energy management programs, tools and incentives. The strategic energy management program focuses on changing the culture within a company to reduce energy waste and improve efficiency. By leveraging tools and new technologies for our customers, strategic energy management can impact energy consumption through behavioural change.

This approach is accomplished by providing the Energy Manager, a dedicated energy champion within an organization, with the tools, techniques, and coaching to develop energy efficiency policies and identify the most appropriate energy conservation measures to meet the company's energy efficiency targets.

The tools available to support Energy Managers and their organizations are listed here:

Business management

Access tools to help you get started and identify energy efficiency opportunities in your organization.

Asset management

Apply for funding to support energy efficiency implementation projects.

Change management

Obtain education and training to gain energy efficiency expertise and get your employees engaged in the process.

Peer and public recognition

Celebrate your designation and achievements.

Connect with us

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