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Strategic energy management: Commercial

Become a leader in energy management

Strategic energy management is a long-term approach to energy efficiency, setting out a plan to manage your energy use with the goal of achieving long-term savings.

Regardless of whether you're a large organization with complicated energy needs who require a dedicated energy manager, or a smaller organization that wants to find ways to save on your electricity bill, we have resources and programs to help you strategically manage your energy and realize long-term, sustainable savings.

To get started, contact your key account manager or call our helpdesk at 1 866 522 4713.

Success stories

Learn more about how energy managers are leading the way in successful strategic energy management.

How we can help

Tools & resources

Alliance of Energy Professionals – Part of an independent network of registered contractors and distributors, they are an excellent resource and can help you find ways to save.

Conservation and Energy Management (CEM) hub – The CEM Hub is your one-stop-shop to access all your energy efficiency projects and incentive applications

Energy-saving incentives for businesses – We will help finance your energy-efficient upgrades to help lower your bottom line.

Energy saving campaign toolkits for business – Order or download four free toolkits to help you run an energy-saving campaign with your staff.

Strategic energy management assessment tool [XLSM, 261 KB] – This downloadable tool takes you through a series of questions and, will provide you with a road map to energy management that is unique to your organization.

MyHydro – Log in to your MyHydro account regularly to monitor your energy use. By checking in often, you will begin noticing patterns in energy usage that will help you identify energy saving opportunities. Learn more about how tracking your electricity use could help your business save money.

For high energy-user organizations & Energy Managers

Employee awareness – Join the Energy Wise Network to help engage people in your organization to save through training, networking, coaching, funding and more.

Energy management assessment – Participating in an energy management assessment workshop will help you take the first step towards improving your organization's energy management practices.

Energy Manager program – An employee, partially funded by BC Hydro, who implements an ongoing energy management program within their organization, supporting through organizational change and energy efficiency projects to deliver savings.

Project implementation funding – Contact your Key account manager to learn more about this opportunity.

Connect with us

No matter the size of your business, BC Hydro is here to help. To learn how your organization can get involved in strategic energy management, call the Business Helpdesk at 1 866 522 4713 or contact your Key Account Manager.