Looking to cut your energy costs? Let's get started

Upgrade any of the energy equipment listed below and we'll provide funding to cover about 25% of the upfront costs (on average) through energy-saving incentives.

Not only do these incentives shorten the payback period of your upfront investment, they make the decision to upgrade easy – helping you to reduce consumption, save on energy costs, and increase your bottom line.

In fact last year, businesses that upgraded to more energy-efficient technology saved an average of $3,227* on their annual electricity bill. You could too.

*Annual savings based on Medium General Service rate (MGS) for completed projects in between April 2017 – March 2018 and only reflects energy savings. Customer must submit and receive approval on their incentive application prior to beginning upgrade work.

Graphics of energy equipment eligible for business energy-saving incentives

Start saving now

The first step is to request a referral from an Alliance of Energy Professionals member. Part of an independent network of registered contractors and distributors, they are an excellent resource and can help you find ways to save.

Contact an Alliance member

Call 1 866 522 4713 for more information. If you prefer to apply for energy-saving incentives without the help of an Alliance Member, you can access the online application to get started.

As of January 16, 2019, all users will be redirected to the new Strategic Energy Management (SEM) Hub to login to manage their BESI projects.


How it works

Request a referral from a registered Alliance of Energy Professionals member.


Let your designated Alliance member help you find opportunities for savings and guide you through the planning process.


Register for the BESI program and log in to your account to submit your incentive application for review and approval.

Once your application is approved, purchase and install energy-efficient equipment.


Submit your project declaration.


Receive your incentive and start saving on your energy bill.

Do I need to register every time I start a new application?

You only need to register once to generate your login information. Once you log in, you can create multiple applications. You can also add multiple sites to one application.

Why can't I find the configuration that I'd like to retrofit?

Energy-saving incentives are only available for simple, one-for-one replacements. For example, you can replace 500 incandescent lightbulbs with 500 screw-in LEDs; however, the program isn't designed to accommodate complex redesign projects. Eligible configurations and products are listed on the e.Catalog.

Can I make changes to my application?

After you submit an application for approval, some project details can't be changed. However, you can make changes to product quantities and project cost when you complete the declaration. If a completely different retrofit configuration is required, let us know immediately, before work begins. Any changes will recalculate your incentive.

Why did my incentive amount change?

If you made any changes to your scope of work or the inspector made changes based on their assessment, your incentive will be recalculated to reflect the changes.

In order for BC Hydro to verify the electricity savings from our incentive programs, projects may be randomly selected for a site inspection before the application is approved and/or after the project is complete.

Who is It's On Electric?

It's On Electric has been selected as the contractor of choice to conduct inspections. Their employees follow our core values and protocol, and can be identified by their uniform and BC Hydro contractor photo ID.

How long do I have to wait for an inspection?

If your application has been selected for a pre-site inspection, It's On Electric will contact you to arrange a visit within a couple business days.

If the application has been selected for a post-site inspection, It's On Electric will contact you to schedule an inspection after we've received and reviewed your invoice.

How do I prepare for the site inspection?

It's On Electric will inspect the site based on the details you submit, so it's important that the application is as accurate as possible at each stage. We also strongly suggest that someone familiar with the project (you, or your Alliance distributor/contractor) is available to guide the inspector through the site.

How an energy-efficiency upgrade could help your business

The graphs below show the average breakdown of electricity use within Retail, Hospitality, and Offices environments* – giving you an idea of which upgrades could have the biggest impact on your long-term savings. For example, if you're a retail business, you may consider upgrading to energy-efficient lighting since this technology is typically the highest source of consumption.

Graphs that show the average breakdown of electricity use in retaill, hospitality, and office environments

*Energy Information Administration, Commercial Building Energy Consumption Survey 2012

Let's get started

Get in touch with one of our Alliance members to get the ball rolling on your upgrade. They'll identify which improvements will maximize savings for your business and help you apply for the correct energy-saving incentives.

Contact an Alliance Member

You can also call our Business Helpdesk for more information at 1 866 522 4713. Or, if you already know what type of equipment you'd like to upgrade, visit the e.Catalog to see if your project is eligible for an incentive. If you prefer to apply for incentives without the help of an Alliance Member, you can access the online application to get started.


In addition to energy-saving incentives, the resources below are designed to help your business use a strategic approach to energy management, so you can start to see long-term savings on your electricity bill. Strategic energy management means stepping back to look at your energy use as a whole, including equipment, operations, and behaviour in order to make the most effective changes.

Take the free online Strategic Energy Management Assessment

The SEM Assessment [XLS, 260 KB] is a tool that takes you through a series of questions and your organization with a unique roadmap to implement a holistic approach to energy management.

Motivate your workplace to lower energy usage

We offer free Energy-saving Campaign toolkits that will give you everything you need to run an internal energy-saving campaign in your workplace. Motivating behaviours like turning off the lights when you leave a room, turning off space heaters or computers when not in use, and turning down the heat in off-hours. These kits include a campaign guide, posters, prizes, reminder cards, and more.

Use energy controls

We offer energy-saving incentives on controls including occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting, variable speed drives, economizers, to help take the think-work out of energy operations and ensure you're only using energy when you need to. Learn more about controls and available incentives.

Know your energy use

Log in to your MyHydro account regularly to monitor your energy use. See energy use during weekdays v. weekends, operating v. non-operating hours, and compare energy use to outside temperature, or to usage this time last year. You'll be able to begin noticing patterns in energy usage spikes/dips and can begin to identify areas you might be able to save.For example, if you're energy use is the same during and outside of operating hours, turning off the lights when no one is there could lower your usage, and therefore your bill. Learn more about tracking your energy use.