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The Continuous Optimization Program is a joint offer from BC Hydro and FortisBC which provides customer assistance to save energy and improve operations in large commercial buildings without having to undertake a major capital investment. The primary focus of the program is to help you improve the efficiency of your most energy-intensive systems, such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), with simple, low-cost solutions.

We'll work with you to get started and your approved consultant will provide advice and support along the way.

View our list of Continuous Optimization approved service providers [PDF, 125 KB].

Approved consultants or program participants are eligible for an incentive of up to $0.15 per square foot.

Customers can choose between three offers:

Refresh your building

The Refresh offer is for customers who are primarily interested in conducting a review of Round 1* measures, and who are not interested in a comprehensive review for additional conservation opportunities. This may be the case for customers who are confident that all measures were discovered in Round 1.

The Refresh option is the most cost-effective way to make sure you maintain the benefits and energy savings from your Round 1 project.

*Round 1 refers to the first intake of applications, which took place from 2008 to 2016. Round 2 was a second intake of applications in 2017 available to Round 1 participants. Round 2 provided a follow-up review of the efficiency of buildings that had been recommissioned in Round 1. It's best practice to revisit your business' energy-efficiency systems every five years.

Recommission your building

Recommission your building in order to re-assess building performance after Round 1 is complete (5 years after the conservation measures were implemented) or include new buildings as opportunities. The Continuous Optimization program will provide funding to have an approved recommissioning consultant conduct an in-depth assessment of the building. Buildings don't need to participate in Round 1 to be eligible.

The Recommission option is for customers who would like a more comprehensive review of their building operations.

Real Time Energy Management

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) is for customers who choose to be on the leading edge of innovation by incorporating the next generation of software being used to drive energy conservation in commercial building operations. The Continuous Optimization program will provide funding for an approved consultant to work with an approved software provider to install specialized energy management information software in your building, and use it as part of the recommissioning process to assess your building.

Program eligibility

  1. You must be a large, Tier 1 commercial customer with an Energy Manager.
  2. You must be an owner or long-term leaseholder of an existing large commercial or institutional building or a facility with a total indoor floor area of at least 50,000 square feet.
  3. You must have an existing Direct Digital Control (DDC) building automation system with remote access.
  4. You must not be planning any major renovations to the building or upgrades to its HVAC equipment within the next 12 months.
  5. This program is only open to new participants. Participants from continuous optimization programs from the past five years are not eligible.
  6. You must be prepared to provide on-site support and have the financial resources to implement the recommended cost-effective measures.

Program benefits

  • Save energy and operating costs when systems operate optimally for your facility
  • Increase comfort through adjustments to match occupant behaviour
  • Extend equipment life when systems are in sync and operate as intended
  • Ensure improvements persist over the building's life through following up
  • Improve sustainability by working toward your carbon emission reduction goals

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