Continuous optimization


Program fully subscribed

As of September 13, 2013 the program is fully subscribed. Program support remains available for existing participants. Contact your Key Account Manager for details.

Program resources

We'll continue to provide support, program results and tools for existing program participants.

Available resources:

Incentives, tools and support

The continuous optimization program offers incentives, tools and support to help existing participants get their buildings in good working order – and to keep them that way.

Apply under the standard offer for single existing buildings that do not have retrofit projects planned for the subsequent year. Note that the Multi-Building offer has now been discontinued.

BC Hydro and FortisBC will:

  1. Fund 100% of the cost for a re-commissioning consultant to study your building and recommend energy efficiency improvements, provide training of the building operators and conduct follow-up coaching sessions.
  2. Fund the installation of an EMIS.

The customer's role

In return for BC Hydro and Fortis BC's investment, customers must commit to implement, at their cost, electricity and fuel (including natural gas, steam, hot water, propane, etc.) measures that when bundled have a two-year simple payback.

Customers have additional responsibilities to participate in the program, please review these details with your Key Account Manager.

Please note:

  • In some cases, customers may be required to provide a meter at their cost.
  • Higher and lower payback measures are combined when calculating your two-year simple payback.

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