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The Continuous Optimization Program is a joint offer from BC Hydro and FortisBC which provides customer assistance to save energy and improve operations in large commercial buildings. The primary focus is on reducing the energy consumption of heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems by making improvements to the Building Automation System. Additional systems of interest include lighting, refrigeration, and other energy intensive systems with complex operating strategies and control systems. See the list of common measures and paybacks.

Round 1

Round 1 of the Continuous Optimization program was initiated in 2008 and accepted final applications in December 2016, resulting in over 550 participating buildings and achieving on average ~5% electricity savings.

Round 2

Round 2 was initiated in April 2017, and focuses primarily on buildings that participated in Round 1 of the program. Recommissioning industry best practice is to recommission a building every five years in order to halt building performance degradation due to changes in occupancy, changes to equipment and systems, and in some cases due to building operator intervention.

Customers can choose between three offers:

Refresh your building

The Refresh offer is for customers who are primarily interested in conducting a review of Round 1 measures, and who are not interested in a comprehensive review for additional conservation opportunities. This may be the case for customers who are confident that all measures were discovered in Round 1.

The Refresh option is the most cost effective way to make sure you maintain the benefits and energy savings from your Round 1 project.

Recommission your building

Recommission your building in order to re-assess building performance after Round 1 is complete (5 years after the conservation measures were implemented). Customers who have experienced some changes to their building systems over the past several years will find this option attractive. The Continuous Optimization program will provide funding to have an approved recommissioning consultant conduct an in-depth assessment of the building, including Round 1 measures.

The Recommission option is for customers who would like a more comprehensive review of their building operations.

Real Time Energy Management

Real Time Energy Management (RTEM) is for customers who choose to be on the leading edge of innovation by incorporating the next generation of software being used to drive energy conservation in commercial building operations. The Continuous Optimization program will provide funding for an approved consultant to work with an approved software provider to install specialized energy management information software in your building, and use it as part of the recommissioning process to assess your building.

Continuous Improvement Sales Sheet

Your role

In return for BC Hydro and Fortis BC's investment, customers must commit to implement, at their cost, electricity and fuel (including natural gas, steam, hot water, propane, etc.) conservation measures that when bundled have a two-year simple payback up to a cap of 25ยข/ft2 of building area. Often, implementing recommissioning conservation measures has a relatively low cost because it has only labour costs, and no capital component.

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