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Bid opportunities

Electricians Brock Harvey and Curtis Byhre working at Port Alberni substation.​

Working with BC Bid, working with us

Our procurement processes are clear, collaborative, transparent, and – through constant review – getting better all the time. Get to know our bidding process and how to use BC Bid to manage opportunities with BC Hydro.

BC Hydro's bid process: The basics

The BC Hydro procurement team uses the B.C. government's BC Bid to list opportunities for suppliers and to manage the bid process.

Register on BC Bid  |  Download a guide to help you register [PDF, 103 KB].

BC Hydro advertises publicly its procurement opportunities on BC Bid. Use BC Bid to view, download, respond to and manage responses to BC Hydro opportunities.

View open BC Hydro opportunities at BC Bid

Via eBidding: eBidding requires an account on BC Bid. Once registered, you can submit or revise responses to bids, attach and manage documents. Download our guide for the eBidding process [PDF, 2.5 MB]

Print material responses: A printed-paper response can be sent to BC Hydro unless otherwise specified.

Make sure you review and follow the submission instructions provided in the competitive bid documents.

You can find who bid on a competitive process via BC Bid.

BC Hydro follows with an evaluation process to identify the successful vendor. Once awarded, you can contact the BC Hydro representative listed in the bid document to arrange a debrief.

Finding opportunities on BC Bid

  1. Visit BC Bid
    BC Hydro lists all bid opportunities on BC Bid, which doesn't require registration to view opportunities.
  2. Browse for bid opportunities
    Once you're on BC Bid, select "Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results". That takes you to the "Browse Opportunities" page.
  3. Find BC Hydro opportunities
    Choose the "Browse opportunities by organization" link and select "BC Hydro and Power Authority" to view our current bid opportunities.

Viewing bid responses

  1. Visit BC Bid
    Unverified bid responses are available on BC Bid after closing of a bid competition. You don't need to register to view them.
  2. Browse for bid opportunities
    Once you are on BC Bid, click on "Browse for Bid Opportunities or Bid Results". This will bring you to the "Browse Opportunities" page. In the list on the left side of the page, choose "Unverified Bid Results".
  3. Find bid responses information
    In the "Unverified Bid Results By Organization" page, view unverified bid responses by selecting "3. BC Hydro and Power Authority" or searching by document number.

    The information is unverified and provided prior to determining compliancy or completing any evaluation process. Each response is subject to review and evaluation in accordance with criteria stated within the competitive bid documents. Therefore, conclusions should not be drawn from this information regarding the eventual final ranking of bids or submissions.

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