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Independent power producer projects

Beat Mountain wind turbines

We have a long history of purchasing clean or renewable power from independent power producers (IPPs). IPPs generally include power production companies, municipalities, and First Nations. We acquire power from Independent Power Producers (IPPs) to help meet B.C.'s electricity needs.

We're preparing for a call for power

Electrification is a key pathway to achieving the CleanBC emission reduction targets – and we continue to see significant interest from the residential, commercial, transportation and industrial sectors in making the switch from fossil fuels to clean electricity. We’re forecasting that we'll need new clean or renewable resources starting as early as the end of 2028. 

As a result, we're planning to acquire clean or renewable energy from new resources through a competitive acquisition process. We expect to issue a call for power in spring 2024. 

We’re looking to First Nations and the Independent Power Producer industry to help us plan this call for power.


We're currently designing the details of the call for power and seeking input from First Nations, independent power producers and stakeholders on certain design elements and our overall approach.

Learn more about the engagement process and upcoming activities.

Have questions?

If you have questions about the call for power, email us.


Electricity purchase agreement renewal program

Learn about our program to renew existing electricity purchase agreements with clean or renewable IPP projects on the integrated system.