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Update: we've met our targets for fiscal 2017

Thanks for helping us reach our targets! Due to the outstanding and ongoing support for conservation and energy management from you and our customers, we've received enough project applications to reach our program targets for our fiscal year, which runs through March, 2017.

In general, projects already in the BC Hydro operational queue that meet program criteria are still eligible. If you don't have a project in the queue, you will have the opportunity to apply again starting in January 2017.

Also starting in fiscal 2018, annual customer incentive caps will apply to all new Project Implementation Funding and Business Energy Saving Incentives projects.  

For commercial customers with Key Account Managers: If you have a project that hasn't been submitted,  you will have the opportunity to apply again starting in January 2017 for project completion in fiscal 2018.

Incentives for customers without a Key Account Manager remain available through Business Energy Saving Incentives, through March 2017, but may become fully subscribed.

What product incentives does BC Hydro offer?

Before you get started, remember that incentives are available for customers without a Key Account Manager for the remainder of this current year, which runs through March 2017.

Our business energy saving incentives provide commercial customers, small industrial sites and residential stratas (common areas only) with incentives for up to 75% of the cost of an eligible energy efficiency retrofit.

For industrial lighting and compressed air incentives, see our self-serve incentives (SIP).

You must be a BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals member to help your customers apply for incentives.

Please note that the information on this page is for Alliance members. If you're a customer looking for program information, please visit the product incentives for business customers page.

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