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Report graffiti on our equipment

Comparison of transformer boxes

Graffiti on BC Hydro facilities and equipment

Graffiti vandalism is a crime that affects everyone. We rely on the public around B.C. to report graffiti on everything from ground-mounted transformer boxes to our offices.

BC Hydro prioritizes the removal of graffiti that is socially offensive (e.g. obscenities, racial or religious slurs) as well as graffiti that is located in high profile or sensitive areas (e.g. adjacent to schools, churches, and community centres).

Removal of high priority or high profile graffiti is done on a unit-by-unit basis and typically takes 30 business days. All other graffiti will be removed on an opportunity basis based on scheduled equipment remediation and repainting in the area.

Report graffiti to us 

To report graffiti in your community, please send us an email and include a photo of the graffiti if you can get one.