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Doing business with BC Hydro

Supplier Interaction Guidelines and Code of Conduct

Input from BC Hydro employees and suppliers during the 2010 Supplier Engagement Review helped produce a set of helpful Supplier Interaction Guidelines [PDF, 1.5 MB].

These guidelines also incorporate values identified in our Environmental Responsibility Policy, Social Responsibility Policy and Respectful Workplace Policy.

BC Hydro Code of Conduct [PDF, 209 KB], which is applicable to BC Hydro contracts, complements the Guidelines.

We strongly recommend reviewing both our Supplier Interaction Guidelines [PDF, 1.5 MB], BC Hydro Code of Conduct [PDF, 198 KB] and Contractor Standards for Ethical Conduct [PDF, 59 KB].

Competitive sourcing processes

We use different procurement methods to meet the needs of BC Hydro. Common methods are:

  • Request for Tender (RFT) – Used frequently for major equipment and construction needs, our tenders include a well-defined set of specifications.
  • Request for Proposal (RFP) – We use RFP's to seek creative solutions from proponents. The basis for an award in an RFP process is normally the highest score with the best overall value to BC Hydro.
  • Request for Information (RFI) – RFI's help us formally engage the supplier community to source product information, materials, or ideal solutions that will help BC Hydro meet business objectives or capture supplier capabilities.

Evaluation criteria for competitive bid documents

In disclosing all high-level evaluation criteria in competitive bid documents, BC Hydro helps provide:

  • Increased transparency and clarity
  • A focus on the most important criteria
  • Improved quality of bid submissions
  • Enhanced vendor relationships

Vendor complaint review process

BC Hydro provides an accessible, consistent, fair, impartial and timely process for vendor complaints.

The Vendor Complaint Review Process [PDF, 124 KB] is a formalized 3-step process for voicing your concerns related to procurement processes, competition, and awards. The process is defined by the Vendor Complaint Review Policy.

The complaint review process doesn't cover disputes arising out of actual contracts. In those situations the contract itself will govern resolution.

The informal review allows vendors to work with BC Hydro personnel to resolve any issues. If you have completed a competitive bid process and have questions about the outcome of the submission, you can request a debrief from the procurement representative listed in the solicitation document.

Contact information for the official contract representative is in the contract document.

The formal process should be used if the informal process hasn't resolved the issue or if the vendor has no procurement or contract representative to contact. To start a formal review, download and fill out the Vendor Complaint Form [PDF, 58 KB] and return it to BC Hydro by mail or by email at

Ensure that your form is filled out according to the instructions contained within it. Incomplete forms can slow the review process.

For email submissions, the maximum total file size for attachments is 10 MB per email. If supporting files exceed the 10 MB limit, clearly indicate that additional documents will be sent in another email. We recommend that you send all supporting documents as a zip file attachment.

Download the Vendor Complaint Form [PDF, 58 KB]

If you don't agree with the response provided, you may appeal the response in writing to the Office of the Chief Supply Chain Officer (OCSCO). The OCSCO will investigate and respond to the complainant with a decision within 30 days, unless otherwise notified.

Download the Vendor Complaint Review Process [PDF, 104 KB] for more information.