Bridge River Transmission Project

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We're currently in the process of upgrading our Bridge River generating facilities located near Seton Portage to restore their capacity. The Bridge River Transmission Project will ensure that the regional transmission system can move electricity from these generating facilities to our customers during peak periods.

The Bridge River Area Transmission Project will ensure that we continue providing clean, reliable electricity to communities in southern B.C.

Alternative 1: Upgrades to an existing power line in the Lillooet area

We would upgrade multiple structures and raise the height of an existing line in several sections between Kelly Lake Substation and Bridge River Terminal Station. Work would also include upgrades to existing access roads and the creation of some new roads to access the structures. Most of the work would be within existing BC Hydro right-of-way (the land under and around our power lines).



Alternative 2: Upgrades to Rosedale Substation in the Fraser Valley

We would add new equipment and complete upgrades to the existing equipment at Rosedale distribution substation located just east of Chilliwack. All work would take place within the existing fenced area of the substation.

This alternative would also include multiple structure upgrades but no raising of the existing line located between Kelly Lake Substation and Bridge River Terminal Station (alternative 1 map).


We're in the early planning stages of the project. Implementation of the preferred alternative is scheduled for 2022/2024. A more detailed schedule will be developed as the project progresses.

Maintenance work on the existing line between Kelly Lake Substation and Bridge River Terminal Station (alternative 1 map) will occur as needed and may begin summer 2019.

We'll keep local governments, residents and businesses located near each alternative informed of this project through regular communications and gather input at key milestones.

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