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Build energy-efficient homes

Energy-efficient home

Building to higher energy performance standards pays off

Build to a higher standard. It will set your development apart and future-proof your homes for evolving provincial and national energy-efficiency standards.

Prospective home buyers will feel the difference the moment they step inside a home built to the B.C. Energy Step Code or other voluntary national energy performance programs, such as:

These homes are more comfortable, healthier to live in, and provide energy bill savings year after year.

Planning and design

To ensure your project can meet higher performance standards, it’s important to consider energy efficiency early on in your project’s design. This includes setting performance objectives and priorities during the design stage with your client(s).

To help, consider hiring a licensed energy advisor. They can help guide you through the integrated design process and ensure adherence to industry best practices. 

Visit Better Homes BC to find a qualified energy advisor near you.

Partner with us

We're proud to partner with leading industry and professional associations in B.C. to help with the learning curve associated with new energy efficiency codes and standards. We're also involved in elevating best practices, case studies, and demonstrations that showcase energy-efficient homes of the future.

If you're an industry association serving the residential new construction industry in B.C. and have an interest in driving energy efficiency new construction best practices and capacity building among your membership, contact us to explore partnership opportunities.


Examples of energy-efficient homes and buildings in B.C.

Get inspired by exploring real B.C. buildings we love.

Learn about electric home technology

Heat pumps and heat recovery ventilation (HRV) systems are becoming a key component in the design of energy-efficient, low-carbon, climate-resilient homes. These technologies deliver the best performance for the lowest cost when integrated early on in housing design.

Keep learning about the technology: