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Filming at BC Hydro facilities

Location Fixer is now handling all applications for filming on BC Hydro properties. They are an external service provider and your application information will be shared with them.

We welcome filming, but our operations are the priority 

BC Hydro safely provides reliable, affordable, clean electricity throughout B.C.  So, while we recognize that some of our facilities make great locations for filming, it's vital that our system operations aren't impacted by filming activities.

In some cases, filming may not be allowed at various sites due to operational or security concerns. Also, filming requests that aren't aligned with our values won't be approved. See the guidelines section below for details of the script review process.

These guidelines below identify the requirements that must be met before, during and after filming takes place.

Filming guidelines

  • We require that all requests for filming or photographing on BC Hydro property be submitted at a minimum of two weeks before production begins.
  • We review the request in consultation with the departments(s) responsible for the operation and safety of the property.
  • All instances of filming on or near BC Hydro assets must obtain BC Hydro's written approval prior to the activity.
  • A complete copy of the final script or storyboard, where applicable to BC Hydro, must be submitted for approval to Location Fixer for review by BC Hydro. BC Hydro must approve the sections of the script applicable to BC Hydro prior to the signing of the contract. Any script changes or additions (including title change) must be brought to the attention of the filming liaison if approval has been granted. Fees are set to reflect a fair charge for services, sites and facilities offered in the industry but are subject to change without notice. The film company will be required to pay for all direct costs incurred by BC Hydro for the use of BC Hydro sites including the costs to hire additional security, legal consultation, coordinate of the licensing agreement, clean-up sites, loss of revenue as a result of the shutdown of visitor centres and any other costs incurred.
  • The film company will be required to pay all additional costs which may be billed by third parties for work performed in relation to the filming activities.

Step by step film application process

  1. Fill out form below and submit
  2. You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your application.
  3. Our representative Location Fixer will contact you within three business days to discuss and gather further information.
  4. BC Hydro will complete an internal review of your application & filming requirements and advise Location Fixer of the outcome.
  5. Location Fixer will work with your production and BC Hydro to finalise a Filming Licence Agreement

BC Hydro reserves the right to modify the Filming at BC Hydro Facilities process and rules without notice.

BC Hydro looks forward to working with you!

Important note before you submit your request: If you wish to film on a BC Hydro power line right of way or under/near power lines please submit your request a minimum of twelve weeks before production begins. BC Hydro will need to complete a safety review to determine if your filming production proposal is acceptable near or under the power line(s). In the application, be sure to provide a detailed list of what's planned and the equipment to be used.

All drone activity must be pre-approved and coordinated with BC Hydro. If your filming project involves any drone activity on or around BC Hydro property, please submit the application request below.

Learn more about the types of compatible uses and acceptable activities near power lines.

** NOTE: Please provide all relevant information, activities, and requirements on this form as it will be included in the agreement between BC Hydro and your production. If items are missed and the agreement has been signed, BC Hydro cannot guarantee the changes will be incorporated into an amending agreement. This may delay or interrupt planned activities resulting in additional cost to the production or possible cancellations.

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Fields marked with * are required.

Production info

Primary contact

Location manager/scout

Authorized signatory


Production schedule

Production details

Confirmation that licensee can provide

The following documents will be required prior to filming:

  • Certificate of Insurance with BC Hydro as Additional Named Insured.
  • Worksafe BC number.