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Filming at our facilities

We require a $1,000 deposit as part of the application to film on our property. Please read the information below for details on how to apply and submit payment.

Supporting B.C.'s film industry, prioritizing our operations

We recognize the importance of the motion picture industry to the B.C. economy, and we aim to support all suitable filming requests where possible.

However, providing safe and reliable power to the province is our priority, and not all of our facilities are suitable for production activities.

What to know before submitting a film permit application

If you're a film production company representative considering applying to film on BC Hydro property, please review the following guidelines before submitting an application.

  • Complete and submit your application using the form at the bottom of this page. Please complete the application in its entirety, including comprehensive details about your planned activities. For clarity, please avoid using slang terms or nicknames. This will help us to better understand the scope of your proposed production and filming activities.
  • Application processing times will differ depending on the site and/or the complexity of the request. Here are some guidelines: 
    • Applications for filming or photography on most BC Hydro sites must be submitted a minimum of 10 business days before filming activity begins. 
    • Our formerly operating Lower Mainland Control Centre Site requires only seven business days for standard filming requests. 
    • If you want to film under or near power lines, please submit your application 12 weeks before filming begins. This will ensure there’s enough time to complete our technical safety checks and reviews. 
  • After submitting your application, please email a plan of the proposed filming site on BC Hydro property to On the plan, please include mark-ups of your proposed activities, equipment placement, circus/crew parking, and other details.
  • Our filming deposit and license fees reflect fair industry rates for services, sites and facilities. These are subject to change without notice. 
  • Production companies are responsible for all direct costs incurred by BC Hydro. These include additional security, location supervision, legal consultation, coordination of agreements, site clean-up, loss of revenue and any other costs. 
  • Film production companies are solely responsible for costs billed by third parties for work performed in relation to the filming activities.
  • We reserve the right to review the film script and/or storyboard as needed before signing the license agreement. Any script changes or additions that happen after initial approval must be brought to the attention of BC Hydro’s representative before filming. 
  • All Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or drone activity must be pre-approved and coordinated with us. If your filming project involves any UAV activity on or around our property, please include this information in your submission. 
  • If your film activities are approved, we’ll issue a Film Location License for signing by the producer (or another authorised signatory) and BC Hydro. At this time, we’ll also request copies of your Certificate of Insurance and WorkSafe BC coverage confirmation letter. 
  • A completed Technical Survey may need to be submitted to us for review. Some sites require safety plans to be approved, and we’ll let you know if this is needed.

Learn more about the types of compatible uses and acceptable activities near power lines.

BC Hydro film license checklist

  1. Complete the form below in its entirety, and submit. Afterwards, you’ll receive an email outlining important information and next steps. 
  2. After submitting the application, you’ll receive an email requesting a deposit payment of $1,000 that will form part of the final filming fees. Send a non-refundable deposit cheque to 333 Dunsmuir Street, Vancouver, B.C. V6B 5R4. Please make the cheque payable to British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority and place it in a sealed envelope. Specific instructions for this process will be outlined in the application acknowledgement email. 
  3. After we receive your deposit and application, our team will begin a preliminary review. If we notice any information is missing, we’ll contact you to let you know. Please note that missing information will slow down processing time, so be sure to complete the initial application thoroughly. 
  4. Once our preliminary review is completed, we’ll send your application package to our department responsible for operating the proposed filming site. They’ll review your application, and we’ll advise you of the outcome. 
  5. If your application is approved, we’ll work with you to finalize a filming license, obtain compliance documents, and arrange for your final payment. 
  6. Once the above steps are completed, we’ll confirm that you can proceed with filming activities. 

** NOTE: Please provide all relevant information, activities, and requirements on this form as it will be included in the agreement between BC Hydro and your production. If items are missed and the agreement has been signed, BC Hydro can’t guarantee the changes will be incorporated into an amending agreement. This may delay or interrupt planned activities resulting in additional cost to the production or possible cancellations.

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Production info

Primary contact

Location manager/scout

Authorized signatory


Production schedule

Production details

The following documents will be required prior to filming:

  • Certificate of Insurance with BC Hydro as an Additional Named Insured party.
  • Worksafe BC Coverage Letter.