GM Shrum Projects

WAC Bennett - Williston Reservoir


After 45 years of reliable service, upgrades are needed

GM Shrum Generating Station (GMS) is a cornerstone of our electrical system. Located at the WAC Bennett Dam, near Hudson's Hope, it supplies about 23 per cent of the electricity that we generate. But the equipment in the facility, which has been in operation since the 1960s, is aging.

Simply replacing five turbines with modern units will add 177 gigawatt hours of electricity annually without any additional water flow. That’s enough to power 15,000 homes every year.

Installing new turbines is one of 19 projects completed, underway, or planned that will modernize the generating station and the dam. And it’s work that will be done in stages, to make sure that GMS will be ready when provincial demand is highest: the winter.

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