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Energy-saving campaign toolkits for industrial customers


We're developing easy-to-use campaign toolkits that will help you – our strategic energy management customers – run energy-saving campaigns with the staff at your industrial site. The toolkits are an interactive way to engage employees, boost morale and demonstrate your company's commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Each toolkit includes: a step-by-step guide, posters, emails, employee survey briefs and other useful resources.

Currently there is one available toolkit for download. Check back as more campaigns will be added throughout the year.

Compressed Air Aware Toolkit

This campaign toolkit motivates employees to stop compressed air leaks and use compressed air for the right tasks only.

For most sectors, compressed air is among the largest consumers of energy in the industrial space and can have a payback of well under a year. Our toolkit will help you organize and run an engaging campaign to eliminate compressed air-misuse, and stop leaks.

What's in the toolkit

Compressed Air Campaign Manual [PDF, 238 KB]

Compressed Air Survey Brief [PDF, 63 KB]

Compressed Air Campaign Team Recruitment E-mail [PDF, 46 KB]

Compressed Air Recruitment Cards [PDF, 105 KB]

Compressed Air Launch E-mail [PDF, 48 KB]

Compressed Air Campaign Board Ideas [PDF, 76 KB]

Compressed Air Talk Cards (see pages 29-54) [PDF, 6.8 MB]

Leak Tag Instruction Manual [PDF, 622 KB]

Compressed Air Campaign Posters [PDF, 91 KB]

Download the entire digital toolkit