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Employee awareness

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Get your employees involved

We provide a range of resources, and stories about customer successes, designed to encourage employee awareness around energy efficiency.

Resources to help

Downloadable and printed materials are available for you to use around your facilities to remind, educate, and introduce new operational procedures, including:

  • Planning guide: A downloadable guide that assists you in planning your campaign and engaging your employees in workplace energy efficiency.
  • Posters: Downloadable posters that can be used to raise awareness around a number of efficiency topics, including high-consumption systems such as pumps, air compressors, fans and blowers, and lighting.
  • Stickers: Printed point-of-use stickers can remind your team to report inefficient equipment.
  • Leak tag kit: A comprehensive kit that includes tools to help your employees identify and report compressed air, oil and steam leaks at your facility.

Connect with your Key Account Manager or Regional Energy Manager to order printed materials.

Resources for industrial energy managers

We have a number of resources to help energy managers build energy conservation awareness amongst employees:

  • 100% funding for a customized on-site planning workshop.
  • Generous funding for engagement initiatives including training and awareness events - with on-site assistance from our community team.
  • Funding towards sustainable giveaways for employees.