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Industrial cohort

Work with energy experts, industry peers

With the support of energy experts and your industry colleagues, you can find energy savings using no-cost and low-cost practices. Develop your staff to manage energy more efficiently in the long term.

This is for you if...

  • You use between 4 and 20 gigawatt-hours of electricity per year.
  • You have online access to your facility's electricity use data.

Connect with your Key Account Manager to learn more and see if you qualify.

How it works

We bring together a group of industrial customers to work together and share knowledge related to building energy management in their business. The goal is to translate these insights into changes in daily business operations.

This is a fully-funded two-year program that's open to our eligible industrial customers.

Your company's role:

  • Designate an energy champion, energy data manager, and an energy team for your business.
  • Get your executive team or upper management on board. They'll need to support the idea of your team spending time on strategic energy management.
  • Get ready to share. Each company will share their energy and production data to develop an energy model for their facility.
  • Identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements, based on what you've learned from various customer models.
  • Make changes to the way you operate to deliver on, and maintain, energy savings.

What you get

Our experienced coaches and technical experts will guide you, your staff and your peers to:

  • Identify your organization's energy efficiency goals and priorities.
  • Train individuals to lead the energy efficiency efforts at your organization. Educate staff on how to identify energy waste at your facility.
  • Utilize diagnostic tools to identify energy waste.
  • Measure, track and report on energy efficiency improvements and savings over time.

Bonus funding

The long term benefits of strategic energy management are the big reward. But we're also offering the opportunity to earn up to $7,000 in bonus funding.

We'll provide a performance payment of $0.02 per kilowatt hour based on your verified energy savings at the end of the program (to a maximum of $5,000). An additional $2,000 will be available for achieving specific milestone targets.