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Incentives for electric fleet planning and infrastructure

Our electric vehicle (EV) fleet incentive program helps businesses across B.C. get ready for electric fleet vehicles through funding for professional planning and electrical infrastructure.

About the program

If you're planning to electrify your fleet of vehicles, we have programs to support you in the process. Financial incentives are available for the costs of:

Fleet electrification requires careful planning to realize the benefits of electric vehicle adoption while ensuring the performance and functionality of your fleet is maintained. Our EV fleet program can help your organization determine how to convert some or all of your gas-powered light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleet vehicles to electric.

EV Ready fleet plan rebate

We provide funding to hire a fleet electrification expert to perform a fleet assessment and help identify charging requirements and electrical infrastructure needs.

The offer

  • Fleets less than 150 vehicles: A rebate of 50% of planning costs (excluding GST) up to a maximum of $10,000.
  • Fleets greater than or equal to 150: A rebate of 50% of planning costs (excluding GST) up to a maximum of $15,000.

New applicants: Submit your proposal

Once you have a proposal (quote) for the costs to create your EV Ready fleet plan, apply for pre-approval for this rebate by submitting your proposal to us. If pre-approved, you'll be eligible to receive a rebate towards the costs of creating the full plan.

Make sure it meets the EV Ready fleet plan proposal requirements [PDF, 49 KB].

Apply for pre-approval


Returning applicants: Submit your plan

If you were pre-approved by BC Hydro for EV Ready fleet plan funding, and your plan is now completed and paid for, submit your plan and invoice to get your rebate.

Make sure it meets the EV Ready fleet plan requirements [PDF, 229 KB].

Submit your plan

Organizations must have Class 1 through 8 vehicles, including pickup trucks in their fleet to be eligible.

Applicants need to identify and plan for at least six light-, medium- and/or heavy-duty vehicles that could be replaced with zero-emission vehicles in the next three years.

Vehicle class chart

Select the image [JPG] to view it at a larger size.

Once you submit your plan, we’ll review your documentation and, if approved, will: 

  • Process your rebate payment for the plan costs, and 
  • Determine the incentive amount you're eligible for to help offset the costs for the electrical infrastructure work needed at your site(s) to fulfill your EV Ready fleet plan.  If you choose to accept the incentive funding, we’ll ask you to sign an agreement before you move forward with your electrical infrastructure project.

Electrical infrastructure incentive

Funding is available to pre-approved customers for the cost of installing the electrical infrastructure in accordance with an approved EV Ready fleet plan.

The offer

  • Up to 50% of infrastructure costs, not including charging equipment.
  • Funding amount is determined based on a review of costs, electrification opportunities, emission savings, and the overall business case.

Returning applicants: Submit your infrastructure invoices

For customers who were pre-approved by BC Hydro for electrical infrastructure and have a signed infrastructure funding agreement with us. Once your infrastructure installation is complete, submit your invoices to get the rebate.

Submit your invoices

You must have an EV Ready fleet plan that's been approved by BC Hydro, and have received pre-approval for electrical infrastructure funding based on that plan.

You must lease or purchase at least six zero-emission light-, medium- or heavy-duty vehicles to be incorporated into the fleet within three years of submitting your infrastructure invoices.

  • Application number
  • Installation invoices
  • Electrical permit number and proof of inspection

You’ll also be asked to declare that the installation was completed in accordance with the terms of your agreement and that the minimum number of zero-emission vehicles is met.

Your project must be complete and your required documents submitted to us within nine months of the date you signed your infrastructure funding agreement.

If you've previously received funding from BC Hydro for an approved EV Ready fleet plan, but didn't proceed with electrical infrastructure funding at the time, you can re-apply at a later date.

This option is for customers who have already been approved for the EV Ready fleet plan and are now ready to continue with the electrical infrastructure work. We'll use the site information we have on file from your initial application.

Re-apply for electrical infrastructure

You'll need:

  • Application number
  • Revised EV Ready fleet plan (if applicable)
  • Revised EV Ready fleet plan workbook (if applicable)

EV fleet pilot project incentive

We provide funding for short-term trials of commercial battery EVs. Funding amounts are based on an evaluation of the scope of work, the projected benefits and value proposition, in addition to the associated costs for the testing. This can include:

  • Short-term, temporary operational testing of a light-, medium- or heavy-duty battery EV.
  • Short-term, temporary deployment of EV charging infrastructure or mobile power solutions to support demonstration projects.
  • Research and testing of charging strategies and/or vehicle performance.

Organizations must have a minimum of 20 vehicles (Class 1 through 8 including pickup trucks) in their fleet to be eligible.

  1. Submit an EV fleet pilot project application.
  2. We’ll review your application to determine your project’s eligibility.
  3. If approved, we’ll send you a funding agreement for the project, including the amount of funding we’ll be able to provide.

Funding will be on a reimbursement basis in accordance with your agreement. You’ll need to submit copies of all paid invoices and any other required documents or reports as identified in your agreement.

EV fleet pilot project application

Connect with us

If you have questions about our EV fleet incentives or would like more information, you can email us. If you have Key Account Manager for your business, you can reach out to them directly.