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Coquitlam-Buntzen Water Use Plan

  • Executive summary [PDF, 73 KB] and addendum [PDF, 263 KB] of Consultative Committee Report provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.
  • Water Use Plan [PDF, 2.4 MB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in April 2005.
  • Consultative Committee Report [PDF, 3.4 MB] and addendum [PDF, 2.5 MB] and draft Water Use Plan submitted to the Comptroller of Water Rights in August 2003.
  • Project initiated September 1999 and completed March 2003.

What's new


Water Use Plan Order Review

Refer to Water Use Plans for information on the Order Review Program.


Provincial and Program Information

  • Water Use Plan Order Reviews information sheet 
  • B.C.'s vision for sustainable water stewardship
  • B.C.'s Water Sustainability Act
  • B.C.'s Water Use Plan Guidelines 

Annual Reports


Projects Studies Terms of Reference
COQMON-1 Assessment of Fisheries Access to Streams
COQMON-2 Coquitlam Dam Flow Release Ramping Interim Rate Development
COQMON-3 Lower Coquitlam River Habitat Requirements Study
COQMON-4 Assessment Of Pink Salmon Passage In Lower Coquitlam River
COQMON-5 Coquitlam River Periphyton and Benthic Invertebrate Monitoring
COQMON-6 Lower Coquitlam River Temperature Monitoring
COQMON-7 Lower Coquitlam Fish Productivity Index
COQMON-8 Lower Coquitlam River Substrate Quality Assessment
COQWORKS-1 Modification of Coquitlam Dam Release Facilities