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Cheakamus Water Use Plan

  • The Cheakamus Monitoring Program Synthesis Report [PDF, 4.4 MB] provides a summary of the studies undertaken for each Order.
  • Executive summary [PDF, 240 KB] of Consultative Committee Report [PDF, 2.3 MB] provides an overview of the water use planning process and outcomes.
  • Water Use Plan [PDF, 866 KB] accepted by the Comptroller of Water Rights and implemented in February 2006.
  • Consultative Committee Report and draft Water Use Plan submitted to the Comptroller of Water Rights in October 2003.
  • Consultative Committee concluded discussions April 2002.

Water Use Plan Order Review

The preliminary priority issues list for the Cheakamus Water Use Plan Order Review are the anticipated focus areas for the review.

They have been shared at public information sessions. You can view the June 1 presentation here [PDF, 558 KB]. This meeting followed the information session held in February, 2021. You can view the February presentation here [PDF, 1.14 MB].

Next steps for engagement include meeting in the fall of 2022 with local First Nations, regulators, key stakeholders as part of the Water Use Plan Order Review (WUPOR).

We'll provide more information as engagement progresses.

Annual Reports

Projects Studies Terms of Reference
CMSMON-1A Cheakamus River Juvenile Outmigrant Enumeration
CMSMON-1B Cheakamus River Chum Salmon Escapement Monitoring and Mainstem Spawning Groundwater Survey
CMSMON-2 Trout Abundance Monitor in Cheakamus River

CMSMON-3 Cheakamus River Steelhead Adult Abundance, Fry Emergence-Timing, and Juvenile Habitat Use Abundance Monitoring

CMSMON-4 Monitoring Stranding Downstream of Cheakamus Generating Station
CMSMON-5 Monitoring Stranding Downstream of Daisy Lake Dam
CMSMON-6 Monitoring Groundwater in Side Channels of the Cheakamus River
CMSMON-7 Cheakamus River Benthic Community Monitoring
CMSMON-8 Monitoring Channel Morphology in Cheakamus River
CMSMON-9 Cheakamus River Recreational Angling Access Monitoring