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Stave River Water Use Plan

What's new

On September 14th, we hosted a public information session to share the latest updates on the combined Alouette-Stave-Ruskin Water Use Plan Order Review, including the preliminary priority issues list. These are the anticipated focus areas for the review. You can view the presentation here [PDF, 2.78 MB]

Water Use Plan Order Review

Provincial and Program Information

Annual Reports


Projects Studies Terms of Reference

SFLMON-1 Pelagic Monitor

SFLMON-2 Littoral Productivity Assessment

SFLMON-3 Fish Biomass Assessment

SFLMON-4 Limited Block Load as Deterrent to Spawning

SFLMON-5 Risk of Adult Stranding

SFLMON-6 Risk of Fry Stranding

SFLMON-7 Diel Pattern Fry Out-Migration

SFLMON-8 Seasonal Timing and Assemblage of Resident Fish

SFLMON-9 Turbidity Levels in Hayward Reservoir

SFLMON-10 Archaeological Management