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As a contractor, you can also benefit from available home renovation rebates and offers in many ways. Your customers will appreciate your knowledge and assistance on helping them access rebates and offers that will save them energy and money.

Grow your business with us by leveraging our available rebates and special offers.

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Home Performance Stakeholder Council

Get involved to shape this new industry. Home Performance Stakeholder Council is an organization that is committed to support the growth of a long-term, sustainable market for home performance related activities that significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions across the province while enhancing building durability, occupant comfort, and health.

Program Registered Contractors

Currently available on a trial basis with the insulation sector, Program Registered Contractors take their business and customer service to the next level by participating in industry, technical and program training including:

  • Air sealing and insulation best practices
  • Building science fundamentals
  • General orientation on the Home Renovation Rebate Program
  • Health and safety information

If you're interested in learning more about Program Registered Contractors, please indicate this in the submission form below.

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