Renovating insulation

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Upgrading insulation will help you save at least 10% of your home's energy cost and improve your home's comfort year 'round. When planning an insulation upgrade, you'll need to understand R-value, which is the measure of insulation's ability to slow the transfer of heat. Rebate amounts are calculated by the amount of R-value you're adding to your home.

Hear from a local homeowner

"We probably should have done this first, as we noticed the biggest improvement in our electric bills when we did the insulation." George Meikle, Qualicum Beach, B.C.

Read about George's renovation here.

Insulation upgrades require a PRC

Program Registered Contractors (PRCs) are trained by BC Hydro and FortisBC on installation best practices and on our rebates. They're committed to ensuring you achieve your energy efficiency goals. A recent survey showed that around 96% of our customers were highly satisfied with the services of their PRC.

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Rebates for insulation

Upgrade Rebate available
Attic insulation $0.02 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $900
Basement/crawlspace insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Exterior wall cavity insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Exterior wall sheathing insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Other insulation $0.07 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,000

Make sure your upgrade is eligible

Product eligibility

  • Batt, loose fill, board and spray foam are eligible insulation types.
  • Insulation added must have a minimum R-value added per location outlined below:
Insulation location Min. R-Value of new insulation
Attic – flat and cathedral ceiling R12
Exterior wall cavities R12
Exterior wall sheathing R3.8
Basement/crawlspace walls R10
Other (exposed floor, floor over crawlspace, basement header) R20

Installation requirements

  • Insulation must be installed in accordance with the Best Practice Guide Air Sealing and Insulation Retrofits for Single Family Homes.
  • Rebates are calculated based on the R-value of new insulation added. In cases where pre-existing insulation was removed (e.g. due to pest infestation or mold), the rebate is calculated on the difference in R-value between the new and pre-existing insulation.
  • Participants must resolve any pest infestations and rodent tunnels in the insulation prior to installation of new insulation. Presence of a pest infestation and/or rodent tunnels in the new insulation must be resolved to receive the rebate.
    • All insulation installed must be new, in good working order, not previously installed in another home or building.
  • All upgrades must be installed by a Program Registered Contractor.
  • Insulation upgrades made to a home that require installations to meet code compliance and new building construction requirements, including and not limited to renovations that require a “New Construction” or “Addition/Alteration” building permit, are not eligible.
  • A home defined as “substantially reconstructed” by the Homeowner Protection Act (as per Regulatory Bulletin) is not eligible. A substantially reconstructed home can include structural repairs, renovation where exterior walls and/or existing plumbing, electrical or gas lines are moved or it requires a New Home Registration Form under the Homeowner Protection Act.

Have you made sure your home is eligible? Get all the details about eligibility.

Application deadline and required documents

You must submit your rebate application and all supporting documentation within six months of the invoice date.

The only supporting document required for our insulation rebate is the invoice. Make sure the invoice meets all the requirements, outlined in our insulation sample invoice [PDF, 113 KB].


Bundle your upgrades to get $300-$2,000 bonus

If you complete two or more eligible upgrades, you may qualify for bonus offers of up to $2,000. Learn more about how bonus rebates work.

Offer Details
Two Upgrade Bonus Install any two eligible upgrades within 18 months and receive a $300 bonus.
Home Energy Improvement Bonus
  • To receive this bonus, you'll need to complete a pre and post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation by a program certified energy advisor.
  • Install any three eligible upgrades within 18 months and receive $20 per % gigajoule improvement in your home's EnerGuide report.
  • Minimum rebate $750 up to $2,000 maximum rebate.
EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate
  • Get a pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation and receive a $200 rebate.
  • Get a post-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation and receive a $100 rebate.

Combining with other rebates

Federal rebates of up to $5,000 for insulation upgrades may also be available through the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which is a separate program with its own eligibility criteria and application process. If you’re eligible for both, you can apply for rebates from both programs. The federal program requires registration and a home evaluation before making any upgrades.