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As a trusted contractor, customers look to you for your expertise on the best products, installation practices and quality services for renovations to their homes. Being knowledgeable about the Home Renovation Rebates available, as well as the program’s product and installation requirements, will provide your customers with a professional level of customer service that can help grow your business.

Join the Home Performance Contractor Network (HPCN)

Starting October 2021, the Program Registered Contractor (PRC) designation is transitioning to the Home Performance Contractor (HPCN) network, run by the Home Performance Stakeholder Council.

It has always been the long-term vision of BC Hydro, FortisBC and the Province of British Columbia to see the implementation of a retrofit contractor network in BC, led by industry for industry to establish training and accreditation criteria for quality installations.

The HPCN designation is offered to insulation, fenestration and heat pump contractors who want to take their business and customer service to the next level. The use of an insulation PRC or HPCN is required for customers to receive their insulation rebate. The use of a heat pump PRC is optional at this time and not required to receive a heat pump rebate. 

As of April, 2022 the PRC designation will no longer exist.

Benefits to becoming an HPCN member:

  • Subsidized training (for a limited time).
  • Eligibility for an expanded number of rebate and incentive programs.
  • Public recognition for quality work and the use of the Home Performance Contractor Network logo.
  • Business information displayed in a public directory, which will be promoted across BC, to reduce advertising costs, level the playing field, and increase ease of customer access.
  • Invitations to exclusive networking, engagement, and training opportunities for home performance professionals and stakeholders.

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Additional resources to support your projects

Home Performance Stakeholder Council

Get involved to shape this new industry. Home Performance Stakeholder Council is an organization that is committed to support the growth of a long-term, sustainable market for home performance related activities that significantly reduce energy use and carbon emissions across the province while enhancing building durability, occupant comfort, and health.

Businesses and individuals can advance the business opportunities associated with delivering home performance products and services, and get access to resources and tools to help your home performance business succeed. Get involved with HSPC by registering online.

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