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Business practices

The business practices listed below provide policy and procedures for doing business with BC Hydro and include specific detail and/or clarification on the implementation of the Open Access Transmission Tariff. 

While these govern, transmission customers should also refer to NAESB and WECC for business standards and regional criteria, which we follow in most, but not all, respects. 

View our transmission customer business practices

Making changes to these practices

Typically, new business practices and/or significant modifications to existing business practices will be posted for transmission customers to comment upon within a designated two-week period. If a transmission customer proposes significant modifications to a business practice during this process, which are acceptable to BC Hydro, the business practice will be further amended and posted again for a one-week comment period.

Transmission customers’ comments and/or our responses will be posted for transparency, as deemed appropriate. If no transmission customer comments on the proposed modifications, the amended business practice will be finalized and become effective shortly after the comment period concludes.

Stay informed about our business practices by subscribing to automatic email notifications and by referring to the posted bulletins.

Short-term business practices

Last updated
Becoming a BC Hydro Transmission Customer [PDF, 422 KB]
2020 Oct 22
TTC / ATC [PDF, 393 KB] 2016 Feb 2
Posting of Transmission Service Offerings [PDF, 652 KB]
2019 Feb 22
Submitting a Short Term Transmission Service Request [PDF, 446 KB] 2016 Apr 12
Intra-Hour Scheduling of Transmission and Energy [PDF, 293 KB] 2016 Oct 25
Processing of Short Term Transmission Service Requests [PDF, 487 KB] 2016 Apr 12
Redirect of a Transmission Reservation [PDF, 392 KB] 2015 Jul 23
Resale and Transfer of Transmission Rights [PDF, 136 KB] 2018 Apr 10
Submitting Energy Schedules [PDF, 311 KB] 2021 Dec 9
Processing of Energy Schedules [PDF, 363 KB] 2013 Dec 30
Curtailment of Transmission and Energy [PDF, 428 KB] 2019 Apr 25
Ancillary Services [PDF, 395 KB] 2015 Jul 22
Network Economy [PDF, 345 KB] 2018 Mar 9

Settlements and billing

Title Last Updated
Settlements and Billing Business Practice [PDF, 289 KB]
2020 Sept 3

Long-term business practices

Supplemental documents and customer registration forms

The agreements page includes additional documents