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Electric Tariff

Prices regulated by the BCUC

BC Hydro's services and pricing are regulated by the B.C. Utilities Commission (BCUC). The Electric Tariff contains the approved terms and conditions of distribution voltage service provided by BC Hydro as well as the approved rates for service at distribution voltage and transmission voltage.

Additional terms and conditions of transmission voltage service are contained in Tariff Supplements 5 and 6.

What the terms and conditions cover

The Electric Tariff  [PDF, 2.6 MB] is BC Hydro's service agreement with customers, and it governs all aspects of using our services, including:

  • Provision of electricity (connections, equipment on private property, upgrades, etc.)
  • Metering (installation, testing, etc.)
  • Meter reading and billing
  • Rates and charges
  • Load changes and operations
  • Distribution extensions (35 kV and less)
  • General provisions (resale of electricity, rental premises, liabilities, etc.)
  • Rate zone special terms
  • Schedule of standard charges

Electricity rates information

While the Electric Tariff includes a list of rates and charges, see our electricity rates section for more user-friendly explanations of rates specific to residential, business, Zone II and street lighting.

This tariff information is provided for your convenience. If there are differences between this material and the official printed versions of BC Hydro's Tariffs, the official version approved by the BCUC shall prevail.

Please note:

  • Tariff Supplements 91 and 92 for Fortis Tilbury were rescinded in 2019 by government direction
  • Tariff Supplement 37 for the Northwest Transmission Line was rescinded in 2021 by government direction