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Industrial equipment reference guides

Download our reference guides

We have a number of reference guides available for industrial businesses, including how to improve the energy efficiency of industrial equipment and systems.


Document Equipment Type Description
Electric motors and variable frequency drives (VFD) reference guide [PDF, 3.9 MB]
Electric motors and VFDs Overview of electric motors and VFD technology and operations.
Pump systems reference guide [PDF, 5.2 MB] Pumps Energy-efficiency methods and practices involving pump systems.
Lighting reference guide [PDF, 9.6 MB] Lighting Information on lighting technologies.
Fans and blowers reference guide [PDF, 7.5 MB] Fans and blowers Information about energy-efficient fan and blower systems.
Compressed air reference guide [PDF, 6.0 MB] Compressed air Improving energy-efficiency in compressed air systems.
Energy measurement and verification guide [PDF, 4.6 MB] All How to measure energy savings.
Power quality reference guide [PDF, 520 KB] All A guide to understanding power quality issues and concepts.
Electrotechnologies reference guide [PDF, 5.0 MB] All Industrial processes used in small to medium sized plants.
Refrigeration reference guide [PDF, 4.3 MB] Refrigeration Information on refrigeration system technology and efficiency.