Computers Need Sleep Too campaign toolkit

Use our guide, stickers, email templates & more

Next to lighting and heating, computers use the most the energy in an office environment. Our toolkit will help you organize and run an engaging and effective energy conservation campaign around computers.

What's in the toolkit:

  • Step-by-step guide
  • Promotional posters
  • Thank you poster
  • Energy-saving tips for work
  • Tip suggestion ballot
  • Reminder cards
  • Thank you cards
  • Sample promotional email to staff
  • Sample email to recruit campaign team members
  • Sample thank you email
  • "Turn it off" stickers
  • Post-it notes
  • Computer monitor tally sheet
  • Energy savings calculator
  • Allocation of $50 gift card prize (save receipt and submit to for reimbursement).

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*Please note that while downloadable assets will remain available, printed assets such as stickers will only be available while supplies last.


Digital downloads

Download the entire digital toolkit [PDF, 578 KB]


Guide [PDF, 317 KB]

Sample email to recruit team members [DOCX, 22 KB]

Poster [PDF, 60 KB]

Sample promotional email to staff [DOCX, 22 KB]

Thank you poster [PDF, 60 KB]

Sample thank you email [DOCX, 21 KB]

Energy saving tips [PDF, 109 KB]

Computer monitor tally sheet [DOCX, 26 KB]

Tip suggestion ballots [PDF, 78 KB]

Energy savings calculator [XLSX, 28 KB]

Reminder card [PDF, 82 KB]

Success metrics [DOCX, 23 KB]

Thank you card [PDF, 83 KB]