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High voltage power lines at sunset

Our subsidiaries play an important role in the North American energy trade and for energy technology development for clients through the utility industry.

In addition to powering the province of British Columbia, BC Hydro is involved in other activities that are more diversified and international in nature. Our subsidiaries reflect this diversity.


Powerex Corp, a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro, is a leading marketer of wholesale energy products and services in western Canada and the western U.S., and a growing niche player in other markets across North America. Powerex buys and sells wholesale electricity in the marketplace, and also purchases electricity for BC Hydro's domestic use. Key trading partners include utilities, power pools, marketers, independent power producers and large industrial customers.

Powertech Labs

Powertech Labs Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro and provides research & development, consulting, equipment testing and evaluation, condition assessment asset management, power system analysis and software development to support the power utility industry, equipment manufactures and other industries such as automotive. For over 30 years, its engineers, technologists and scientists have provided clients with a qualified, diversified and value added, one-stop solution to electrical, mechanical, materials, civil, chemistry, non-destructive testing, and inspection services.

As a multidisciplinary testing, research and development facility Powertech has 19 different laboratories situated on 11 acres in Surrey, British Columbia. It's one of the largest testing, research and development facilities in North America, supporting large utilities, electric manufacturers, and automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEM) with specialized testing, qualification and non-standard testing for North American and international standards. Around 30% of Powertech's business comes from BC Hydro with the rest of its customer base across Canada, US and all six continents.

Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd.

Columbia Hydro Constructors Ltd. (CHC) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro formed in 1962. CHC provides the skilled trades workforce for generation facility projects in B.C. that are named in a collective agreement between CHC and the Allied Hydro Council of British Columbia (AHC). The AHC is a council of 20 unions representing employees working on CHC projects. The CHC-AHC collective agreement requires contractors and subcontractors of named projects to obtain their labour resources through CHC.

As the employer, CHC provides the labour resources in accordance with the terms and conditions of the collective agreement and provides other human resources and labour relations functions.

If you have questions, email CHC.