Renovating windows and doors

Photo of a kitchen area facing the windows

Renovating the windows and exterior doors in your home will help you prevent drafts and save energy. Energy-efficient windows and doors are built to insulate better, equipped with a range of features that help prevent heat loss in the winter, and heat gain in the summer.

Rebates for windows and doors

Upgrade Rebate available
Windows: U-Factor 1.40 – 1.23 (W/m2-K)* $50 per window, maximum rebate $1,000
Windows/doors: U-factor 1.22 (W/m2-K) or less $100 per window or door, maximum rebate $2,000

Double the rebate promotion - registration has ended, more time to install your upgrades.

Registration for the Double the rebate promotion code ended on December 31, 2020. If you registered to receive your double the rebate promotion code, you would have received it via email.

Due to an overwhelming response, we’re extending the time you have to install your rebate eligible upgrades. Upgrades must now be completed and invoiced by June 30, 2021. You have six (6) months from the invoice date to submit your rebate application. Learn more about this offer on our Double the Rebate page

Make sure your upgrade is eligible

Product eligibility

Learn more about efficiency requirements for our windows and door rebates [PDF, 1.0 MB].

Refer to the consumer guide for windows and door replacement [PDF, 2.0 MB] to help you learn about key considerations when replacing windows and doors.

Installation requirements

  • Windows and doors must replace existing windows and doors in the building envelope of the home between an unheated space (e.g. outdoors) and a heated space.
  • The number of windows and/or doors eligible for rebates is based on the number of rough openings (RO) in which windows or doors were replaced. Each RO is counted as one window and/or door.
    • A bay window, which may be made up of several window sections, is regarded as one RO.
  • All windows and/or doors installed must be new, in good working order, not previously installed in another home or building.
  • The upgrades need to be completed by a licensed contractor with a valid B.C. business license for the relevant work and a GST number.

Have you made sure your home is eligible? Get all the details about eligibility.

Application deadline and required documents

You must submit your rebate application and all supporting documentation within six months of the invoice date.

The supporting documents required for our window/door rebate are the invoice and photos of the manufacturer labels for each window/door installed. Make sure the invoice meets all the requirements, outlined in our window/door sample invoice [PDF, 125 KB].

Use the windows/door rebate checklist [PDF, 293 KB] to help you gather all the required information for a successful application.

Bundle your upgrades to get $300-$2000 bonus

If you complete two or more eligible upgrades, you may qualify for bonus offers of up to $2,000. Learn more about how bonus rebates work.

Offer Details
Two Upgrade Bonus Install any two eligible upgrades within 18 months and receive a $300 bonus.
Home Energy Improvement Bonus
  • To receive this bonus, you'll need to complete a pre and post-upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation by a program certified energy advisor.
  • Install any three eligible upgrades within 18 months and receive $20 per % gigajoule improvement in your home's EnerGuide report.
  • Minimum rebate is $750 up to $2,000 maximum.
EnerGuide Home Evaluation Rebate
  • Get a pre-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation and receive a $200 rebate.
  • Get a post-upgrade EnerGuide Home Evaluation and receive a $100 rebate.