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When you're renovating, every dollar counts. You can get up to $10,000 in rebates for qualifying energy-efficient upgrades to the insulation, water heating, windows and space heating for your home.

Making energy-efficient upgrades won't just help you with reducing energy costs for years to come. You'll also benefit from increased home comfort, all year round. You can increase your savings and the efficiency of your home when you complete multiple upgrades.

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Eligibility criteria

To apply for home renovation rebates, you need to meet the program requirements. Make sure to review this criteria before beginning your home renovation project or submitting your application.

Upgrades need to be completed by a licensed contractor with a valid B.C. business licence for the relevant work.

To be eligible for rebates through the program, your home needs to be:

  • Connected by a current residential account with BC Hydro or FortisBC. Electrically-heated homes served by local municipal utilities, such as New Westminster, within the service territories of BC Hydro or FortisBC are also eligible.
  • A year-round, residential dwelling, including single-family detached homes, duplexes, row homes, townhouses (as long as each home has its own utility meter), or mobile homes on a permanent foundation with minimum 12 months utility billing history for that home.

See the full list of program terms and conditions and eligibility criteria

Rebates available

Primary space heating

Upgrade Rebate available
Air source heat pump – Variable Speed Mini Split (single head installation) (HSPF ≥10, SEER ≥18) $1,000
Air source heat pump – Varible Speed Multi Split (multi-head installation) (HSPF ≥9.3, SEER ≥16) $1,000
Air source heat pump – Variable Speed Central System (HSPF ≥9.3, SEER≥16), "Tier 2" $2,000

Water heating

Upgrade Rebate available
Electric heat pump water heater $1,000
Natural gas 0.67 EF storage tank water heater $200
Natural gas condensing tankless water heater $1,000
Natural gas condensing storage tank water heater $1,000

Insulation and windows (building envelope)

Upgrade Rebate available
Attic insulation $0.02 x R-value added x sq ft
Maximum $900
Basement/crawlspace insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Exterior wall cavity insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Exterior wall sheathing insulation $0.09 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,200
Other insulation $0.07 x R-value added x sq ft Maximum $1,000
Windows/doors: U-Factor 1.40 – 1.23 (W/m2-K)* $50 per window or door, maximum rebate $1,000
Windows/doors: U-factor 1.22 (W/m2-K) or less $100 per window or door, maximum rebate $2,000

Secondary space heating

EnerChoice® fireplace upgrade: You can earn a rebate of $300 per fireplace. The EnerChoice model be installed by a gas contractor licenced with Technical Safety BC. See a list of the eligible models.

If you complete multiple eligible upgrades, you might qualify for bonus offers of up to $2,000.

You'll need to submit your form for the bonus offers within six (6) months of completing your first upgrade.

Upgrade Bonus rebate details
Two Upgrade Bonus Install any two of the above upgrades within 18 months and receive a $300 bonus.
Home Energy Improvement Bonus
  • To receive this bonus, you'll need to complete a pre and post- upgrade EnerGuide home evaluation by a certified energy advisor.
  • Install any three of the above upgrades within 18 months and receive $20 per % gigajoule change based on your EnerGuide report
  • Maximum rebate is $2,000

Want to know more about an EnerGuide home evaluation?

EnerGuide home evaluations must be performed by an energy advisor who is registered to deliver home evaluations under Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan) EnerGuide Rating System, version 15 (ERS v15). See the list of program-qualified energy advisors.

How to get started

Energy coaches offer building science-based information about the options and opportunities to improve the energy efficiency of your home. An energy coach can answer your questions at all stages of your home renovation project.

All services are free of charge. The CleanBC Energy Coach hotline is funded by the Province of B.C.

Get in touch:

Using a registered contractor for your home renovation project can offer many benefits – and you'll be eligible for rebates.

There are many ways to start your search in finding a contractor – referrals from friends and family, local advertising, and online searches. BetterhomesBC.ca has some great tips on finding and retaining a contractor, including:

A reliable contractor helps you deliver your project on time and on budget. Don't forget to get multiple quotes.

Program Registered Contractor – Insulation

BC Hydro and FortisBC have partnered to educate insulation contractors on best business practices for applying insulation and the Home Renovation Rebates and CleanBC Efficiency Home Rebates requirements. Contractors that complete our training and requirements become "Program Registered Contractors". BC Hydro does not represent or guarantee any of the work performed by the Program Registered Contractors and is simply offering training in order to better educate contractors. Visit BetterhomesBC.ca to find one near you. You may select a contractor from this list, or select your own qualified contractor.

When applying for rebates you need to remember these key steps:

  • Ensure your renovations meet our product eligibility requirements. Read the terms and conditions [PDF, 371 KB].
  • You will need to submit your receipts/invoices.
  • Read the invoice and supplemental information [PDF, 142 KB] requirements for details.
  • Apply within six months of the upgrade invoice date.

Once you've completed one or more qualifying upgrade(s), you should apply for your rebates right away. Remember that all rebate applications must be within six (6) months of the invoice date.

For Bonus Offer applications: You can apply for each upgrade separately or you can apply for all upgrades all at once, as long as it is within six (6) months of the invoice date of the first upgrade.

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