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Transmission Outages

The Annual Outage Plan [XLS, 63 KB] (AOP) provides information on Planned Transmission Outages, and sustained long term Forced Outages up to 5 years in advance of the outage start date. Outages eligible for inclusion are transmission and station equipment outages that have Transmission Services impacts, Intertie capacity constraints, Generation resource or Transmission Customer impacts.

The AOP is also posted to facilitate the interconnection transmission outage coordination processes with neighbouring transmission entities. BC Hydro welcomes feedback on the postings to aid in adapting to changes in the needs/demands for additional Transmission Service capacities.

Transmission Capacity estimates for intertie limitations (forecasts) are prepared in prior months for the purpose of planning and consultation.  Capacity estimates and intertie limitations that are identified in the planning stage for outages, and may not be updated in the AOP as conditions change.

Real Time and near Real Time changes to the capacity estimates and intertie limitations will not be reflected in this posting.

Posting of updates will be made every 10 minutes beginning at XX:05 every day.  There is up to 5 minutes delay in creating the file and posting (i.e. an AOP extract file created at 02:10 will be posted at 02:15).

 Please note:

  • The limits on the transfer capability are the most limiting for the duration of outage as listed, and do not necessarily reflect the limitations of overlapping outages. During the outages, limits may change due to changes in load, generation, and other topology changes in real time. These limits may be further reduced due to transmission outages and system conditions outside of BC.
  • The limits in the outage plans are estimates for advance planning and will not be updated in real time in the linked document.
  • All times are in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT).
  • Business days are based on Canadian Statutory Holidays calendar.

BC Hydro cannot provide any information on Planned Maintenance Outages by Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) or Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO) transmission systems. Please contact the utilities directly using the following links: