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Balancing Authority Load Data

A Balancing Authority is the area operator that is responsible for:

  • Matching generation and load
  • Maintaining the scheduled interchange with other Balancing Authorities
  • Maintaining the frequency in real-time of the electric power system

BC Hydro is the Balancing Authority for British Columbia, and works with Balancing Authorities in Alberta and the United States to maintain an effective, reliable electricity system.

Gross telemetered load data is available in hourly and daily formats from the British Columbia Balancing Authority. Each day provides information for the previous day (Monday updates provide information for previous Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

You can also find historical BC load data and historical hourly path TTC (total transfer capacity).

Area Control Error Annual Reports

Annual reports of BC Hydro Area Control Error (ACE), 1-minute and 10-minute averages, help ensure a level of transparency adequate to support self-supply decision-making by transmission customers.

ACE is the instantaneous difference between a Balancing Authority’s net actual and scheduled interchange, taking into account the effects of Frequency Bias, correction for meter error, and Automatic Time Error Correction (ATEC).