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Actual Flow Data

The instantaneous net actual flow, sampled every five minutes, is displayed for each of the BC-US and BC-Alberta interties. The BC-US intertie is comprised of 5L51, 5L52, 2L112 and Teck Cominco Line 71. The BC-Alberta intertie is comprised of 5L94, 1L274, and 1L275. The actual flow data is also available in Excel format, along with historical total hourly actual flow data.

Real-Time Net Scheduled Interchange (RNSI)


RNSI is the transfer of energy on each of the BC-US and BC-Alberta interties.  The message that contains this unarchived data is posted every minute on a rolling 120 minute time period.  For ease of consumption, follow the steps below to view the data in table format.

1.     Click on link below to access the message.

2.     From the Menu, click File, then Save As to save the xml file entitled BCHNSI.xml.

3.     Open Microsoft Excel.

4.     From the Menu, click Open and select the xml file entitled BCHNSI.xml.

5.     Click Open and select to open the file As an XML table, then click OK until the data is displayed in table format.


The RNSI data is populated in a table under labels as defined in the message.  The timestampstartTime, and stopTime are displayed in yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), which is the same as Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT). The path is identified as either BCH:USA or BCH:TAU, which are the BC-US or BC-Alberta paths, respectively. The transvalue reflects the RNSI value; a negative value indicates import while a positive value indicates export.