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Relocation of BC Hydro works

Signed agreements and prepayment required

At times it may be possible to relocate or modify the existing power lines, equipment, or rights of way, depending on your proposal.

Here are the instances in which BC Hydro may approve relocated rights of way:

  • The project initiator, developer, or property owner wishes to relocate existing works
  • The proposed use changes protection, and/or relocation of existing works

If the relocation or modification is approved by BC Hydro, you’ll be required to enter into one or more agreements with BC Hydro and provide the required prepayment. The process may take over a year and, if applicable, work requiring a power outage is subject to scheduling and availability, which may extend the schedule.

The request is a four-step process:

  • Initiation (first meeting)
  • Feasibility (study to determine possible options)
  • Definition (determining the scope of required work)
  • Implementation (agreement for the detailed design and construction of the work).

These agreements must be signed and returned to us, along with applicable prepayment.

No planning or work will be scheduled until we receive the signed agreements and pre-payment. After the change, relocation, and/or protection job is completed, you’ll be billed for the actual cost of the work, minus the amount of your prepayment.