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Paths, roads & parks

Illustration shows the wrong and right ways to design a path under transmission lines.
A path with an end point towards a transmission tower (left image) gives prominence to the tower. By altering the path (right image), the visual effect of the tower is minimized.

Paths can be built under high voltage lines, with our consent

Outdoor recreation paths, roads, biking trails and walkways can be built under high voltage overhead lines, subject to our review. Always seek to orient a path or trail alignment at least six metres (20 feet) away from our towers or other works.

We’ll review proposed trails to ensure crews can still access the equipment for maintenance. ROW must still be accessible by large trucks or tracked machinery, and we reserve all rights for future rebuilding of access roads over top of installed trails.

A proposed park as part of a development within a ROW must not be dedicated, but must remain land with a registered title in the Land Title Office. The area will be subject to our ROW rights and conditions