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Irrigation & watering

Side-by-side illustrations show the safe and unsafe way to water area underneath and near transmission lines.
Illustration on the left shows a a safe, low-angle, irrigation solution that maintains safe clearance between the water jet and the live wires. An unsafe high-angle irrigation equipment (on the right) sprays water on or near the live wires.

Power lines and water are a dangerous mix

Water and electricity are a dangerous mix. Never allow water to spray on power lines. A hose or pipe spraying a power line can create a direct current through the watering equipment.

Use low-angle irrigation equipment to maintain a safe clearance between the water jet and wires.

Before moving irrigation equipment, look up and around you and note any power lines that could be close enough to come into contact with equipment—and stay clear.Any contact between the long equipment and nearby electrical lines could be fatal or cause serious injury.