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Heat pump water heater rebates

Photo of a water heater system

Get up to $1,000 for installing a new electric heat pump water heater

Time to upgrade your water heater? Upgrade to an electric heat pump water heater. This technology allows you to heat the water by capturing warmth from your home's ambient air.

An ENERGY STAR© certified heat pump water heater uses an average of 50% less energy than a standard electrical water heater.

Heat pump water heater rebate options

Upgrade Rebate available
Electric heat pump water heater $1,000
Looking for rebates on natural gas water heating systems? Visit FortisBC.

Make sure your upgrade is eligible

Once you've checked that your home is eligible for this program, review the following eligibility criteria for this specific rebate. 

Product eligibility

Installation requirements

  • The existing water heater being replaced must be the primary water heater (if the home uses more than one water heater).
  • The electric heat pump water heater installed must be new, in good working order, not previously installed in another home or building.
  • All upgrades must be installed by a licensed contractor with a GST number and a valid B.C. business license for the trade applicable to the upgrade being installed. Self installations are not eligible.
  • If you're an E-Plus rate customer, you can replace existing space and water heating equipment and your E-Plus service won't be interrupted.

Application deadline and required documents

You must submit your rebate application and all supporting documentation within six months of the invoice date.

The only supporting document required for our electric heat pump water heater rebate is the invoice. Make sure the invoice meets all the requirements, outlined in our heat pump water heater sample invoice [PDF, 110 KB].

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Ways to increase your rebate amount

If you complete multiple upgrades in your home, you may qualify for a bonus rebate up to $2,000. Learn more about how bonus rebates work.

Federal rebates of up to $1,000 for the installation of a heat pump water heater may also be available through the Canada Greener Homes Grant, which is a separate program with its own eligibility criteria and application process. If you’re eligible for both, you can apply for rebates from both programs. The federal program requires registration and a home evaluation before making any upgrades.

This rebate offer is part of the home renovation rebate program, which is a partnership between the Government of B.C., BC Hydro and FortisBC to support British Columbians in making energy-efficient upgrades to their homes.