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During COVID-19, we're easing up on our member challenge

Image showing a Team Power Smart Challenge graph
Team Power Smart is relaxing the hard 10% savings target for members whose Reduction Challenge includes months of higher energy use during COVID-19 self-isolation.

If you're close to your 10% savings target, you could still earn a $50 reward

Reaching your 10% Team Power Smart Reduction Challenge target over 12 months has never been as difficult as it is today. We're all spending way more time at home in self-isolation, and that adds up to increased energy use.

So we don't feel it's fair to deny the $50 reward to those who come close to saving 10% and whose challenge time period includes one or more of the months of self-isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here's how it will work for Team Power Smart members:

  • If you somehow manage to hit the 10% savings target, that's amazing. You'll get your reward confirmation when you log in to your member toolbox, and we'll do a little dance here at BC Hydro in recognition of your efforts.
  • If you save a significant amount, your member toolbox will indicate if you're still eligible to receive the $50 reward. If so, you'll still receive your reward via a credit on a future BC Hydro bill.
  • The relaxed target applies to anyone in an existing challenge that extends at least a month or two into the self-isolation period that began in March. And it also applies if you start a new challenge this month, as self-isolation measures continue.
  • For those in a Maintenance Challenge – where your goal is to maintain or reduce your electricity use after a successful earlier 10% Challenge – we'll also be more lenient in rewarding the $25 Maintenance reward if your electricity use is close to the level of the year before. When you receive an email indicating your challenge is complete, check your member toolbox to see if you're eligible to receive the $25 reward.

If you're not already in a Challenge, start one today. And check out our new story on ways to reduce your energy use during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Help us spread the word about our COVID-19 programs

The combination of rising energy bills and financial challenges from a number of factors, including the loss of work, has hit a lot of British Columbians hard. So BC Hydro has launched a few programs to help residential and business customers better cope with their bills.

If you or your spouse/partner have stopped working due to COVID-19, you may be eligible to receive three months of credit on your BC Hydro residential bill. The credit amount is based on your average consumption, and you won't need to pay it back. If you're not eligible for the Relief Fund but are still struggling to pay your BC Hydro bills, you can defer bill payments through our COVID-19 Customer Assistance Program.

If you're fortunate enough to be able to continue paying your BC Hydro bills, that's great. But as we're all in this together, alert friends or family who may be in more challenging circumstances to check into our COVID-19 programs.

Free Energy Saving Kits and other help

You, or someone you know, may qualify for free energy saving products with our Energy Saving Kit, or free upgrades under our Energy Conservation Assistance Program. Qualification is based on income level and home type.