Savings based on income

installing LED bulb on lamp

Improve your home's efficiency, save on your electricity bill

If you live in an income-qualifying household, you can get free energy-saving products and professional advice that will help make your home more energy efficient and comfortable, and help you save on your utility bills.

Income qualification

To qualify, you must meet the income requirements below. Total household income includes the combined income of all members in the household over the age of 18.  

number of people in household total household income
1 person $33,700
2 persons $42,000
3 persons $51,600
4 persons $62,600
5 persons $71,000
6 persons $80,100
7 or more persons $89,200

Free energy saving kit

Our free energy saving kit contains easy-to-install, energy-saving products such as LED bulbs, high-efficiency showerheads, and weatherstripping that you can install yourself.

Free home energy assessment and energy saving product installation

You may qualify for a free home energy assessment and the installation of energy-saving products throughout your home at no cost to you through the Energy Conservation Assistance program. You’ll also receive personalized advice and recommendations for what you can do to further improve your home's energy efficiency.

Upgrades for non-profit housing providers and Aboriginal communities

Non-profit housing providers and Aboriginal communities can get help with improving the energy efficiency of their housing units to help their tenants and community members save on their utility bills and be more comfortable.


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