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Potential compatible uses of rights of way

Design for a safe distance from our structures

Try to design your proposal to ensure that your buildings, equipment, roads, etc., are a minimum of 10 metres (33 feet – the length of a school bus) away from our structures (e.g. poles, towers, anchors). If you want to build closer than that, we’ll review proposals for reduced clearances on an individual basis.

Examples of compatible activities that may be approved:

  • Multi-use trails, paths and walkways
  • Non-permanent, non-metallic small sheds less than 3.6 metres (11.8 feet) in height and a floor space of not more than 36 square metres (387.5 square feet) with no wiring or plumbing
  • Driveways and access roads
  • Fencing
  • Golf courses
  • Farming
  • Tree farms

Examples that aren’t compatible in ROWs, unless expressly authorized in writing by us:

  • Burning, blasting or log decking
  • Stockpiling of excavated, building or other material
  • Storage or handling of flammable or explosive material
  • Fueling of vehicles and equipment
  • Deposit of any fill material
  • Organized parking of vehicles
  • Buildings or portions of buildings, including foundations and eaves

Rights of way user expectations

As a user of the right of way, you must:

  • Comply and ensure compliance with all applicable legislation, regulations, guidelines, orders and standards, including without limitation all environmental laws and Part 19 Electrical Safety of the Occupational Health and Safety Regulation (a copy of this regulation is available at
  • Release BC Hydro from any liability arising from the proposed use of the ROW.
  • Be responsible for any damage to BC Hydro’s works due to your proposed use of the ROW.
  • Assume the costs of any required modifications, protection or relocations of BC Hydro’s works to accommodate the proposed use.
  • Ensure non-metallic and/or non-conductive materials, non-flammable and non-toxic materials are used.
  • Not inhibit or interfere with BC Hydro’s access to, and maintenance of, our towers, poles and other infrastructure.
  • Don’t assume your Compatible use request will be approved – it may be denied for safety or operational reasons.